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Why Choose The Dupuy Group, Jacksonville, FL?

For 80 years, The Dupuy Group has been an industry leading warehouse and logistics provider. With our state of the art silo facility and our newly renovated warehouse in Jacksonville, FL, we provide services that support all of your warehousing, transportation, and logistical needs. While we specialize in handling food grade cargo, we regularly handle general cargo, and we will work with you on any solutions you may need. Supported by a variety of trucking brokers, we offer competitive rates, fast service and reliable logistics management.  Our expertise includes blending, bulk loading, bulk unloading, cross-docking, stuffing, re-bundling and export consolidation services. We are ready to handle all of your warehousing and logistics needs!

Our green coffee silo is an ultra-modern coffee processing facility with machinery and technology that offers large, medium and small customers the fastest rate of bulk handling for unloading, weighing, cleaning and blending coffee in the U.S. We’re equipped to handle all grades of green coffee with care and accuracy whether it’s shipped in individual burlap bags, super sacks, or bulk containers.

In 2013, we installed state of the art green coffee upgrading equipment. Dupuy’s highly trained personnel operates our cleaner, electronic color sorter, destoner, sizer, and gravity table. This advanced technology combined with our decades of green coffee expertise makes us uniquely qualified to help you determine the best and most cost-effective methods of handling, upgrading and/or blending coffee to your exact specifications. The Dupuy Silo Facility customers also have access to our newly installed, fully equipped cupping and grading lab.

Along with our silo we have 300,000 square feet of quality warehouse space. The Dupuy Group dedicates ourselves to meeting the needs of our customers. Dupuy’s business continuity procedures ensure information is available, and plans are well established for any business contingency that may arise. From inventory control to coffee upgrading, our staff is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Leading the industry in quality and safety, we comply with strict guidelines to ensure the environment in which your product is handled and stored is held to the highest standards. This facility is QAI Organic and Silliker certified. Our internal quality and food defense team sets requirements that meet or exceed government standards.

The Dupuy Group is proud to offer an extensive sustainability program. We take recycling seriously and ensure that all of our facilities have programs to reduce waste and create a better working environment. We work with local waste management providers to create the lowest carbon foot print possible, our teams create sustainable solutions in pest control that are seldom replicated.

The Dupuy Group is ready to help! We have available space and are eager to aid your company’s warehousing, storage and logistics needs. We strive to offer our customers value added services that make doing business with The Dupuy Group efficient, cost-effective and reliable. Please contact us and we will create the most comprehensive service plan for you.


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