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Greetings from Dupuy Storage, your premier partner in logistics, warehousing, and processing solutions. As a dedicated professional, I am delighted to introduce our specialized “FTZ / Bonded Status” processing services tailored for businesses in Jacksonville, FL. With an in-depth understanding of international trade intricacies and compliance, we provide a strategic advantage through our Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and Bonded Status offerings.

Discovering Jacksonville’s Advantage

Jacksonville, FL, a city with a thriving maritime industry and strategic location, is a hub for global trade. At Dupuy Storage, we acknowledge the unique needs of businesses in this dynamic city. Our FTZ / Bonded Status processing services are crafted to empower Jacksonville-based enterprises with the flexibility, cost-efficiency, and regulatory compliance necessary to thrive in the international marketplace.

Unlocking Growth Potential

Foreign Trade Zones offer a competitive edge by providing a designated area outside the customs territory. Our FTZ services enable businesses in Jacksonville to import goods and materials without immediate duty payments, fostering potential cost savings. Whether you aim to store goods, conduct value-added processes, or delay duty payments strategically, our FTZ solutions cater to the distinct requirements of Jacksonville’s business landscape.

Customized Bonded Status Benefits

Jacksonville businesses can strategically manage imported goods with our Bonded Status processing. Duties and taxes are deferred until goods are released for domestic consumption, enhancing cash flow and facilitating re-exportation without duty payments. Our expertise in Bonded Status processing ensures seamless compliance with customs regulations, optimizing import and distribution strategies for Jacksonville-based enterprises.

Optimizing Jacksonville’s Supply Chain

Efficient supply chain management is vital for international success, especially in a dynamic city like Jacksonville. Our FTZ / Bonded Status services contribute to supply chain optimization by eliminating unnecessary delays and costs associated with customs clearance. Strategically locating goods within our FTZ


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